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John Bishop, a butcher sells the land to Henry Blong, a butcher and cattle dealer.


Edward Blong, s/o Henry Blong subdivides the land. Lewis Brown, a baker purchases the lot at the corner of Booth. In the late 1880s, Lewis Brown starts his bakery business out of his little Georgian home. This is the first time the site is used as a bakery.

Early 1900s

Brown's Bread Limited becomes a family business that takes pride in being an "owned in Canada and managed by Canadians" bakery.


The bakery starts to rise. By 1929, the entire Eastern Avenue frontage is built.


Brown's Bread merges with General Bakeries Limited.


George Weston Company takes over the factory. Wonder Bread is made on the premises. The factory operates until its closure in 2014.


The building is given Heritage Status.


WONDER is introduced.